Presenters from our Bahrain Festival 2019

From: Bahrain

  • Style: Vinyasa & Yoga Medicine Teacher
  • Certified: E-RYT200, YACEP
  • Teaching time: 4+ years
  • Teaches at: Dessange, Namaste, & Revolt
  • Trained: UK Licensed Psychotherapist
  • Contact:
  • Instagram: @aishafakhro

From: Bahrain


  • Masters Degree NLP
  • Teaching Time: 4 years Certified Trainer
  • Instagram: @coachesra
  • Other: Runs Summer Camps for Youth
  • Contact:


MARIAM ALANSARI, Festival Organizer
From: Bahrain

  • Style: Hatha
  • Certified: CYT – 500 hrs
  • Teaching Time: 8+yrs/High Honors Certificate
  • Other: Entrepreneur & Founder of Yoga Discussions Forum, Bahrain


ANGELA R. PASHAYAN, Festival Founder
From: USA

  • Style: Bhakti Asana
  • Certified: E-RYT 1000
  • Teaching Time: 12+yrs


From: Bahrain

  • Style: SriSri Yoga & Inspirational Speaker
  • Certified: Soft Skills and Y-200hrs, India
  • Teaching Time: 4 years
  • Teaches at: Art of Living
  • Studied at: Institute of Personal Development, UK
  • Other: Arab Yoga Conference Speaker
  • Instagram: @mayawadah


From: Armenia

  • Style: Aerial and SUP Yoga
  • Certified: RYT 200
  • Teaching Time: 4 yrs
  • Teachers at: Fly High, Inspire Pure Fitness, Daratma, & Studio 33, Kuwait
  • Other: Fly Yoga Festival /
  • Website:


From: India

  • Style: YIN, Hatha, Unnata Aerial
  • Certified: ERYT-200, YACEP
  • Teaching Time: 6 years
  • Teachers at: Yoga Shaala Muscat, Owner
  • Instagram: @abi_yogashaala
  • Website:
  • Contact:

From: India

  • Style: Kriya Meditation
  • Certified: Medical Doctor-Ghandi Medical School, Hyderabad
  • Teaching Time: 20+ years
  • Teachers at: Art of Living, Bahrain
  • Other: Pediatrician
  • Website:


From: USA/Bahrain

  • Style: Vinyasa & Meditation
  • Certified: E-RYT 500hrs YACEP
  • Teaching Time: 8 years
  • Teachers at: Yoga Arts, Dubai 2011
  • Other: Trained in Thailand
  • More: Yin & Aerial Yoga
  • Website:


From: Russia

  • Style: Hatha Yoga
  • Certified: RYT 200hrs
  • Teaching Time: 6 years

From: Mexico

  • Style: Public Speaker
  • Career Time: 15+ years
  • Speaks at: International Conferences
  • Other: Enjoys travel & languages
  • More: She’s the Happiest Person We Know!
  • Contact:

From: Britian/Bahrain

  • Style: Vinyasa
  • Certified: RYT 200hrs
  • Teaching Time: 6 years
  • Teachers at: Cobra Fitness & Carousel
  • Other: Started with Hot Yoga
  • More: Works with Vegan Chocolates
  • Instagram: @lola_thecoconut


Our Panelists:

From: Mexico

  • Expertise: Motivational Speaker
  • Certified: Happiness Ambassador
  • Speaking Time: 15+ years

From: Russia

  • Style: Hatha Yoga
  • Certified: RYT-200hrs Yoga Alliance
  • Teaching Time: 6 years
  • Teachers at: Independent
  • Other: Trained in India
  • Website:

From: Kuwait

  • Style: Meditation & Kundalini
  • Certified: 200hrs in India
  • Teaching Time: 15 years
  • Teachers at: C Club, Daratma & Tru3 Yoga Studio
  • Other: Sufi Whirling Meditation
  • Contact:
  • Instagram: @yogiyazi

Our Entertainers:

DJ Leila Sohrab
From: Bahrain

  • First Gig: It was at my university carnival at the age of 18.
  • Marital Status: I’ve ALWAYS been single because I wanted to prove that a single woman can do anything she wants on her own.
  • Why Music? It was within me since childhood. I am so passionate about DJ-ing. It’s exactly what kept me in this field for 21 years.
  • Life Motto: I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having held sorry for itself.
  • Other: Covered over 3000 events ncuding Bahrain’s first Ladies Night Events.
  • Education: London Academy of Music
  • Press: Inspire Magazine, Akhbr Al Khaleej Newspaper, Ryhana Magazine, Radio Bahrain, Al Ayam Newspaper, Sada Magazine, and Gulf Daily News.

Esra Janahi

  • First Gig: Muju Lounge, Dragon Hotel. But….first public performance in a summer camp at the age of nine!
  • Mariatal Status: Married.
  • Why Music? I love music, I discovered my voice when I was singing along thee songs of The Little Mermaid movie.
  • Life Motto: Be Kind.
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Butter Pecan
  • Other: I am sharing my energy with you by performing for you. Happy to be a part of this festival.