8am to 6pm. Presenter exact class times will be confirmed after Feb.15th. Your pass gets you into any class, any time. Classes are first come first serve so arrive on time!

Mass Gathering for Opening Yoga: 8 – 9:15am

Be on time for the Mass Opening Ceremony and Mass Group Morning Yoga led by Bhakti Asana instructor from Telluride, Colorado – USA.

  • Opening Ceremony Mass Gathering
  • Bhakti Yoga w/Angela

Breakfast Break – 9:15-9:45am & Yogalife Welcome

SESSION #1 : 10 – 11am

Make your choice for yoga class. We will offer gentle classes during this period since you would have just eaten breakfast. Eat light if you prefer one of our more active classes for this session.

  • Odaka discussion & demo w/Roberto
  • Meditation w/Sona & Arif
  • Yuen Chinese Energitics w/Yazan
  • Why Yoga Makes us Happy w/Justine
  • Kids Yoga w/Sasha

Lunch Break – 12:30pm

SESSION #2: 11:15-12:15pm

Get ready for action! With breakfast digested, this time period will offer our most rigorous classes. However there will also be at least 1 gentle class for beginners

  • Rocket Yoga w/Dharna
  • Hatha for Beginners w/Josie
  • Hatha for Intermediates w/Mariam fromBahrain
  • Atmananda Yoga w/Sarah
  • Mommie and Me Yoga & Art w/Virginie

Stage Interviews, Lead Studio & KEYNOTE SPEAKER GLORIA: 1-2PM

SESSION #3: 2:15 – 3:15pm

Moderate classes will be scheduled here, as your lunch (a heavier meal) will be mostly digested. Enjoy a variety of Flow Classes during this segment.

  • Happiness Always w/Gloria
  • Meditation in Arabic w/Maryam
  • Breathwork-Pranayama w/Mariam from Bharain
  • Restorative (ok for pre-natal) w/Lenka
  • MIndfullness on the Job w/Yazan

SESSION #4: 3:45 – 4:45pm

End with a bang! This session will offer rigorous classes and restoratives. Get in there and work hard or relax hard – do what makes you HAPPY!

  • Ashtanga w/Kathryn
  • Odaka Flow w/Roberto
  • Core Vinyasa w/Sasha
  • Happy Hips & Hamstrings w/Jennifer

Last Exhibit Shopping 5-5:30pm!

Mass Closing Meditation & HAPPY TRANCE DANCE: 5:30-6pm

Be a part of the Community and close with us to lock in the HAPPINESS of the day! Short meditation with energy-filled trance dance 🙂

  • Guided Meditation & Closing Ceremony w/Angela