About the Festival


  • Over 16 classes
  • Keynote speaker
  • B’fast, lunch, dinner
  • Exhibits
  • Stage interview panel
  • Valet parking
  • Kids classes
  • 15% off spa treatments
  • Discounted lodging if needed


  • Fitness shoes – 369AED
  • Average meal – 250AED
  • Price of 2 backpacks – 295AED
  • Good sunglasses – 399AED

​Is your Health and Spirit
less important
than Fitness Shoes?

​Interested in learning more about us?

Festivals are what we do, people are what we care about most, and that’s what sets us apart from anyone else in the region. We began with the dream to spread peace, joy, and love in the area.

HAPPINESS and YogaFest showcases local talent, studio’s and business that specialize in yoga, meditation, and health and for individuals, corporations and families. We also highlight products that support the environment and the wellness industry.

Meet our Keynote Speaker – Gloria Belendez-Ramirez

Gloria was born in Mexico City, where she went through high school in an American School.

She studied her third language in Switzerland in a school for girls. Enjoying intensely communicating with others, she never went back to her home country to live. Instead she wandered around the world learning languages as she enjoyed her life intensely. Her family-oriented personality won her several sets of “parents/relatives”: Korea, Japan, Germany, Cyprus, Italy, France, Egypt, China, Taiwan and Greece. Her aim was to speak ten languages at the age of 30, however she manifested this dream at the age of 29.

At age 23 she established Globel Worldwide Interpreting Services in Dusseldorf, Germany, traveling all over the world as a free lance interpreter, working for entities such as Olivetti, Nippon TV, Sony, Pioneer, Samsung, Olympics, Football World Cups, etc. She loved her work so much that she described it as “a school were I am being paid to learn”.

She stopped working as an interpreter when her first child was born in 1993 and instead started exploring the world of the soul and quantic energy. She has attended numerous workshops delivered by self help teachers such as Jack Canfield, Robin Sharma, Wayne Dyer, Jeddah Mali, Chujin Lin among others; she is a certified coach in brain-based coaching.

She published her first book in November 2012; this fact marked a new direction in her life: her intense desire to entice others to decide to be happy and stay happy no matter what gave birth to the Decide to be happy and Stay Happy NO MATTER WHAT series of workshops and retreats, mainly in the Middle East and Mexico.

She owns a beautiful resort in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where she spends most summers. www.villas-xichu.com
She lives in Lebanon where her daughter Sarah attends high school , visiting regularly her husband’s family in Saudi Arabia and her son Yousif in UCLA in California.

She will be extremely happy if you contact her at www.happiestgloria.com and share with her your experiences with happiness…